Mar 22, 2010

Bye-bye Ciganjur

Yupe..finally we moved to a better place
the previous place was on second floor in Ciganjur not really good for my pregnancy
Currently (formal banget sih) we live in Jagakarsa
Well the place is not as good as before but the society is better
Many housewives around,..children crying and playing..
Nice to company the lonely-wife hhehehe...uuu...
Oh yeah the TOP reason why we choose this place because Dayang a friend of mine is living there!!!! Almost every day Dayang drops food for me hahhaha!!! fried banana or fried rice..
Nice rite hehe..???
So I am not lonely-wife anymore...(any correlation with food??)

*kinda weird huh writing ini English in casual way...
just miss writing English in this blog..

The place has one master bedroom (the only bedroom!!) hahah...
a little living room, enough to put all the boxes around because we don't have cupboard yet.
The previous place provides a big cupboard, kitchen set and air cond

O yeah I don't really like the bathroom because (SPOILED REASON) the ceramics quiet old..
but my hubby always mentions that's not important one.....our bedroom is the most important one hahahah!!!
out of topic..but tell you guys our little secret...
we love staring each other side by side and having shyly face (muka malu2!!!)

Oh yeahh we bought a new air cond because in this kontrakan, ibu betawi (the landlord) does not provide it.
Should see how my hubby wrap the window with plastic..he was very sticky and look like a traditional handy man...(kayak tukang hihii)
Oh yeah he should study to get his new TOEFL bring us out from this country for several years..halah!!!
keep dreaming yha..( imagine if we stay overseas..and me raise the kids there...not working haha..just travelling around with kids while my hubby is deadly studying!!!

okay...i want to keep my dreaaaaaaaam....byee


  1. a friend of mine, she has 3 kids, and all of them were born in abroad, 2 kids in Australia n 1 in German. She has to follow his husband who studying overseas. maybe it will be fun if get that chance :)

  2. @desi : iyaaa so it's not suitable for me to study as I am a very lazy one hehhe
    so I keep pushing my husband to study and to get a higher toefl hehehe :P very jahat yha!!!
    oh yeah master scholarships are availble for lectures especially women..who knows we'll meet somewhere in Europe rite?

  3. it is time to talk, Deb. Forgive me for avoiding u. Where ?


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