Aug 19, 2006

campur sari

This has been long time of no writing. Basically, I used to like
writing journal related to things I’ve done. I was on the net and
browse Arthur’s Blogs in friendster last night, hmm reading his Blogs
just shows how good he expresses himself. Well yess!!! I got it!! This
is quite a safe way to reduce my phone expense. For God sake, I spent
nearly half of my salary just for talking and mumbling around. I share
all stories by calling some friends most of time Then end up crying how
childish! Well to be honest, I was having my period at that time so you
can imagine how the hormone circulate and run around in my nerves!!!

But however crying sometimes make u feel good instead of eating
chocolate. Chocolate makes more pimples on your face. Well I’ve invest
my saving in skin care clinic hmmmm those stupid chocolates will melt
the investment down. Well, I cry for many reasons; miss my passed away
dad, miss my mum, miss my cute sister, miss teasing my cousin, miss my
friends, or even miss my all, my ex boyfriends regretting why he dumped
me or I dumped him hiks hiks. Oh yeah this writing can compete
Independence Day Article Competition. Anyhow I can’t imagine in case I
really win this article competition because it is going to be published
in Apakabar, Oh NO because this is the story of my self and me. I am
afraid people will try to find who exactly this writer, afraid being
famous huh (because famous enough already). Well don’t need to care
about that stuff, let’s think positive by participating the competition
this shows how you are excited and appreciate the celebrations right?

So should I mention my name…naaaaaaa I don’t think so, you can guess
who I am (sounds like I am so popular huh!). In fact you don’t need to
believe all things written completely, reading this story you might
guess how I am excited being part of Trakindo (even still as Trainee
exactly). Does it sound like promoting Trakindo?

Time goes so fast. It has been nearly a year since I was recruited
September last year. Well, everything seems like it’s my destiny. I’ve
got the same call from RAPP (Riau Andalan Pulp Paper) but I could not
get any tickets even by flight. However, I got a call from Trakindo for
interview with Pa’ Didik in the next day …hmm…weird isn’t it how Lord
arranges what the best for you. I meet new friends and new family. So
that’s the happy story. Next, you will probably mumble reading my
homesick story. Well just one truly statement I miss my mum n my sister
so much. See that?? I already started.

Training Center September 2005.….

I joined the Power Seminar in Puncak last week. It was awesome. I just
realize that I am too childish. Well thanks Trakindo for giving me join
the motivational training. We should have that training for everyone
(though it’s not cheap one yeahh)…or maybe having ESQ training for
free, that’s even better. Doing multimedia (MIM) till 11 and learning
the answer of Post Test for tomorrow (Man the answer!!!) Yap yaup. so
far so good everything is fine though very tiring. It is just so
difficult to learn engine and all the systems inside. God,……….each
bolts just looks the same to me. I wonder how mechanic can make any
difference of each of them. Finance learning mechanic…nice challenge!!!
I can’t handle my self not to sleep. Man, I love sleeping so much hiks
hiks.. Goodbye sleeping. No sleeping too much in TC….

Feeling Blue November 19, 2005

Dag dig dug….

Last week staying in Jakarta,…hmm quite awful la waiting for placement
on job training for Friday, mudah-mudahan dapet tempat yang

OJT Place.

Yupee Surabaya.!!! my first journey in Trakindo. I believe it’s better
to have OJT in developing Branch. There are so many things to learn.
All reps in Surabaya call me Ratu Meeting, because they said I would
complain if I was not involved in meeting. I love meeting. I love CIM
meeting, nice to see how people solve problem, find root cause, argue
their opinion or even defense their self so not to be blamed. Doing OJT
in part is the most interesting. I like receiving calls from customer,
checking the part in DBS, receipting, making quotation, and processing
parts ordered. The most difficult time is having OJT in Service. All
mechanics talk in Javanese, and I hardly understand it. Not even a
single word.

Anyway my life was pretty joyful. I had a loving host family caring me
as part of their family. My host mum cooked me breakfast every morning
though she was fasting. Then, I bring my own lunch, nice way to save my
money. Anyway I miss them deeply.

I miss one of my friends there (no need to mention his name, I am
afraid if he will kill me then), we used to sang loudly on the
motorcycle. Basically, his voice is just terrible!! . So wonder if you
stop in traffic light and he was singing (kangen bgt gw bro!!). Then we
went to Dolly (the biggest prostitution in South East Asia!) Believe me
I didn’t do anything yeah!!! You know, I was just looking all the “dead
stocks or reman products”.

Then,Granadi Ice Cream …..beautiful ice cream with dumb expensive
price. The ice cram since VOC penjajah kalee…Then what else..all about
Surabaya? Nasi bebek bratang, Tahu campur, WAPO, Paiton, Purbolinggo,
Batu Malang, too bad I haven’t visit to Bromo, the weather was not
recommended to visit.

Broken hearted

Yupe finally, my relationship is over. Very common sense,…long distance
relationship??? Broken heart or not? I have no idea, why everything
just feel so tasteless can u say in that way?….

Project one week in July 06’

Here I am doing the project in Jakarta. I think this week is the most
unproductive week I ever had so far. Stucking on my project and waiting
for a quick meeting with marketing hmmmm is frustrating. What a day,
just very commonsense way “I hate Monday so much!!” Then finally I had
a very terrible headache. Well maybe coz not enough sleep last night. I
took Panadol and I went to office a bit late, I arrived nearly 10 am.
Anyhow my boss pretty fair enough. He just teased me the reason I am
sick because playing badminton too much.

Missing family

A love letter from my mum,

13/07/06 Dearest sayang,

Jaga diri baik-baik di Jakarta ya. Mama selalu memikirkan, mendoakan
dan tentunya berdoa dan berusaha agar ananda mendapatkan yang terbaik
dalam segalanya baik dunia maupun akhirat nanti. Love, Mama

Cute letter from my sister, 13/07/06

Hai bi…Phakabar ni ?

Ini sari bikin suratnya abis nelpon db pagi2.

Sr sekarang lagi minggu tenang. Hari senin ujiannya, doain ya bi, kl
lulus semua semestr ni sr bisa ko’as. Mdh2an yang sama buya si ika jg
bisa lulus Oiya bi, yang bahan2 skripsi, nanti aja kl sr jd ke jkt kita
carinya. Skrg sr baru bikin Bab I nya aja, rencananya smester depan
baru mau mulisnya lagi. Oke deh bi, sr mau beres2 kamar, buat tante Ita
n Ade, ntar sore udah dtag, tp blm tau juga, nginap disini atau di
Jerman, yang jelas, siap2in aja..

Back to Project.!

It is nice to share the obstacles with friends and mentors in doing the
projects. Well, finally today I had meeting with marketing and finance.
I thought that meeting was tremendous great. We got to some conclusion
in which were pain the neck before. I wonder when I can be so smart and
experienced like those people I met in the meeting. Anyway this is a
good way to learn how to interact and appreciate other.

Planned to get married after posting yuhuuu!!!!

Is this Mother’s streotype? now she is confused with my Mr. RIGHT. She
is trying to be a matchmaker. She is worried too much in case I am to
independent and no need a man to rely on. So, her friend’s son then
becomes the object of the matchmaking. Even his father helps to arrange
me and his son’s. It was funny; I met his son in Gambir to get the
package from my mother.

I wondered a huge package of food instead. But it was just a letter.
And the content of the letter is written “how’s the guy?? How do you
like him??”.

Actually he is pretty nice guy but I just haven’t think of any serious relationship yet.

Or getting crush with other MT’s ??? Let my friends then being
matchmaker. Anyway, it is just bit rocks of our life, no need to worry
too much with who you’ll be.

Oh yeah let me share nice quote before closing the unfinished story.
I might write in the next Independence Day Article Competition 2007,
(part II of my life??) I might be still single, married, pregnant, or
even not existed in this world,….nobody knows…even me…But hope the next
story will be more colorful …/………………..

“Getting what you what means making the decisions you need to make to
get what you want. Not the decisions those around you think you should
make. Making the safe decision is dull, predictable and leads nowhere
new. The unsafe decision causes you to think and responds in a way you
hadn’t though of. And that thought will lead to other thoughts, which
will help you achieve what you want. Start taking bad decisions and it
will take you to a place where others only dream of being
“…………..And….You can’t afford the house of your dreams. That’s why it is
the house of your dreams. So either find a way of getting it (you’ll
find the means), or be satisfied with dissatisfaction.

Notes: Thanks for R.J my first reader….

Cilandak august 2006′

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