Apr 7, 2010

Buying Bank Notes helps America ?

Some friends said buying the Dollar Note will lead to better restructure the America's economy.

Well I am not a "big buyer" this currency so I believe the impact will not be very significant rite?
This morning the rate was pretty good...IDR 9,053 / USD at Panin Bank at 11:30 AM
I called a money changer in Duren Tiga (this one has competitive rate) IDR 9,055/USD
Well the notes can be delivered free to office but I have to get some cash in ATM in front of office anyway, and closer with Panin. So I decided to buy the Bank Notes in Panin Bank.

If you buy Bank Notes in bank, you have to pay for Stamp Duty which costs you IDR 6K, per one transaction in a month. So if I buy some bank notes in the same amount, Bank will not ask me for stamp duty unless I buy different month.

Well I am not trying to part of capitalism,...
I am just a simple pregnant mommie who wants to keep the money instead in savings account ATM...
The money will be easily disappeared hehehe....
Different objective rite? as I don't expect the gain.
Last year bonus was used for wedding preparation (in fact my mom helped me a lot!!!)
This year bonus must be managed in a good manner as my hubby will audit where all the expenses out.

Just add some notes on April 12 at 9:15 am had terrific rate!! at IDR 9,017 /USD
one of my friend Yesti kept regretting when she was not patient enough to wait as she bought at rate at IDR 9,150/USD huahauhau for $1,000 for her umrohhh...*keep smiling jeng...!!!

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